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Trailblazers RV

Our Mission

To provide the best RV products on the market without compromising quality, safety and comfort, at an affordable price. 

Our Company History

Trailblazers RV have been building and importing its unique range of light weight fifth wheelers and slide on campers for almost 10 years.
We imported our first slide-on camper from Canada in 2002 for our personal use, it created so much interest as we travelled around the country we decided turn it into a business. Drawing on our own experience using that first camper and the feedback from our customers, we worked with our Canadian supplier to develop a product range designed and built for Australian conditions.

During the last ten years we have listened to, and worked with, our customers to develop and refine the Trailblazers RV range. Our range of models and options has evolved and continues to expand. We have set up our own production facilities in Melbourne and can now produce a totally Australian built product using our own strong, lightweight materials and techniques.

Here at Trailblazers RV we pride ourselves on being innovative and first on the market with new ideas – from slide-ons to fifth wheelers and more!

Our Products

Slide On Campers

Trailblazers RV Slide On Campers are great for touring holidays, fishing trips towing your boat behind you, 4WD adventures in the outback or even as a demountable work site office.

Our range includes full hard side and pop top models in a large variety of layouts to suit most flat tray or tub utes, from one tonners to larger trucks. View our Slide-on Camper Range >>

Fifth Wheelers

Trailblazers RV 5th Wheelers are you home away from home, combining luxury with comfort and space to suit couples, families and those on extended working holidays around the country. Our range includes compact low profile 17’, 20’, 24’ fuel efficient models and mid or high profile 26’, 27’ and 30’walk around bed models, with or without slide outs for those who want a little more space. View our Fifth Wheeler Range >>

Sports Trailers/Toy Haulers

Trailblazers RV produce a range of trailers and fifth wheelers with or without accommodation that transport your toys – motor bikes, cars, machinery or mobile office. View our Sports Trailer / Toy Hauler Range >>

Custom Builds

Trailblazers RV will give you the option to have input into the design your unit and have been doing so for ten years. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you to design and build the RV that will best suit your needs. Contact Trailblazers RV about custom builds >>

Click HERE to visit the TrailblazersRV website homepage.

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