Sunliner Recreational Vehicles

Sunliner Recreational Vehicles

You know what works for you and know what makes you comfortable, that is why at Sunliner we think you also know what you are looking for in a motorhome.


We understand that you want your new motorhome to feel like a home away from home and we don’t believe you should have to compromise. Our motorhomes do not come from some offshore assembly line, with a single mould for everyone. Each motorhome is crafted in Australia by our skilled team who are proud to manufacture recreational vehicles tailored to our customers’ needs.


Sunliner is proud to be an Australian owned family business. We have been crafting premium motorhomes for 40 years. It is our innovation and our attention to detail that sets Sunliner apart as a premium brand of RVs.


All Sunliner recreational vehicles are backed by Sunliner’s exclusive 24-month workmanship warranty.  We have an extensive Australia wide service network to aid you with all your service and warranty needs.

Sunliner’s factory backed dealership network can assist you with all your enquiries from pricing, general specifications and travel tips to ensure your purchase decision will cater for all of your travelling needs.  All Sunliner dealer network staff are trained, approved and dedicated to make owning a Sunliner Motorhome a long-term positive experience.

We look forward to assisting you to personalise your journey.

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