RV Specialists

RV Specialists

Welcome to the Summer Lifestyle!

Summer Life RV Pty Ltd is a family owned and run business which

specialises in 5th wheel trailers. We are Proud to present the new King of the Road RVs built to exacting standards by Summer Life RV.

The King of the Road name has been synonymous with 5th wheelers

since 2004. Now the Marque has a new home and the ethos of 

Safety, Strength and Quality are basis for every 5th wheel trailer we build.

We have upgraded our Drifter Series to carry the King of the Road name.

This comes with specific upgrades normally reserved for our larger trailers.

The King of the Road “Platinum Series” has seen some upgrades to keep

it as the market leading 5th wheel trailer in Australia.

Designed 100% in Australia this ensures compliance to all Australian 

Standards and Design Rules. While we partner and build with Play Mor Trailers

in Missouri our trailers are not available in the USA.

We don’t simply mirror image a US floor plan and call it Australia, we also install

all appliances and entertainment right here in Australia.

There are many things we are Proud of and as Industry Leaders we would like to list just a 

couple of things for you.

  • Designed in Australia to meet Australian Conditions.
  • All Australian appliances carry full Australian Warranty.
  • Entertainment packages include large screen LED TVs and home theatre system.
  • All our 5th wheelers have full size Queen Mattresses as standard.
  • All our 5th wheelers have island bed layouts which you can walk around.
  • We can organise 5th wheeler and tow vehicle packages.
  • All our 5th wheelers are built with a 7’ 6” body width so when we add awnings, 
  • mudguards, hot water system, in fact all fittings we stay under the legal width of 8’ 2 
  • 1/2” or 2500.  There is no need for us to weaken our structure to recess awnings and other equipment

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