4X4 Motorhomes Australia

4X4 Motorhomes Australia

At 4×4 Motorhomes Australia, we believe your motorhome should take you where you want to go. We can custom build your dream motorhome or you can look at some of our built motorhomes to suit your lifestyle. Although we specialise in 4WD motorhomes, we also build 2WD motorhomes as well.

Built on the reliable Bus4x4 4WD conversion kits or with original 4×4 drive train, our 4WD systems are true off road systems, with High and Low Ranges (depending on the vehicle and model) and raised suspension to improve clearance.

Some of the vehicles we build motorhomes are:

Toyota Models: 
Toyota Coaster, Commuter and Landcruiser are Australia’s popular vehicles for motorhome conversions because of their reputation, reliability and healthy fuel economy.


I-BUS Series: 
The I-Bus motorhome is built on an Isuzu engine and drive train with a walk through interior and loads of features. Currently the models available for conversions are the 300 Series, 600 Series & 800 Series.

     I-Bus 600 Series Motorhome     I-Bus 800 Series Motorhome

Iveco Series: 
The Iveco cab chassis is an ideal platform for a motorhome with its high performance configuration and an ideal walk through interior. Currently the models available for conversions are the Daily and Tonto.

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Custom Series: 
From time to time we build out of the box motorhomes like the Toyota Bush Bus or Toyota Landace. If you have anything specific in mind or only want us to convert your vehicle, please call us and we’ll be glad to help.

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Our professional fit-outs are built with cutting edge materials and maximise design for ample storage and space. Our motorhome build focuses on your comfort while our vehicle focuses on taking you anywhere off-road.

We have 3 Series of Fitouts to suit your lifestyle:

Core Series: Our Core Series is best suited and designed for smaller vehicles, up to 7 metre vehicles such as the I-Bus 300 Series, Toyota Coaster, Toyota Landace or the Iveco Daily. This is our entry level package which offers a great starting point in a standard motorhome. Click here to view Core

Executive Series: Our Executive Series is best suited and designed for mid to larger vehicles such as the I-Bus 300 Series, I-Bus 600 Series, Toyota Coaster or Iveco Daily. This is our mid level package giving you the best value at a reasonable budget but still offers comforts found in a luxury motorhome. Click here to view Executive

Premium Series: Our Premium Series is our top luxury motorhome package. This series is customised to offer you ultimate comfort in a motorhome without breaking the bank. Suited for all vehicles ranging from the I-Bus 300 Series to the I-Bus 800 Series, Toyota Coaster or Iveco vehicles, this package also comes with optional features to transform your motorhome into a personal statement. Click here to view Premium

All Australian 4×4 Conversion Kit

At 4×4 Motorhomes we manufacture our conversion kits. Our 4×4 conversion kits are all Australian designed and built. We warrant our workmanship and parts and know you will enjoy taking our vehicles to places without sacrificing comfort.

To visit 4X4 Motorhomes Australia website click HERE!

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