Weather or Not?

Weather or Not?


There are plenty of weather apps out there, both free and paid, but this issue we’re taking a look at AUS Weather Lite: A free iPad app that takes full advantage of the iPad’s expansive high definition screen in landscape mode (that’s lying on its side if you’re not into technical jargon!).

AUS Weather is well rated (218 votes and a 4.5 star average at the time of writing) and sources its data directly from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. As it’s name implies, this app only covers Australian weather.

If you have an iPad with GPS, AUS Weather will automatically set to your current location. In default mode it displays the real-time conditions for a list of cities down the left side of the page (with your current location at the top) and a detailed report for the day on your current location and surrounding towns, on the main part of the screen to the right.

The cities list shows the current temperature and forecast, plus the expected min and max for the day. You can easily customise this list plus rearrange the order it displays in, which is handy when you’re travelling and want to keep an eye on conditions at home as well as at your destination or points along the way.

Adding new places has been comprehensively taken care of: You can type in a name; choose from a list of capital cities; sort by alphabetical order; choose by distance from your current location; view a map or choose by state, selecting a sub-menu of places in alphabetical order!

Weather details for you current location and surrounds are much more expansive and includes details like apparent temperature, dew point, humidity, wind average/gust, UV index and more.

A clever feature is that by touching any of the places in the list on the left the app brings up the detailed report in the main display to the right, plus a list of its surrounding towns. 

The menu bar along the bottom lets you choose between Current and Forecast and choosing the latter changes the main display on the right to a detailed seven-day forecast for whatever place you’ve selected from the list. You can also tap each day’s forecast to switch between a general summary and specific details. Very handy.

The combination of a logical and well thought-out interface, pleasing graphics and good use of the iPad’s beautiful HD display makes AUS Weather a particularly pleasing app to view and use.

You can also upgrade to the full version for just $1.99, which adds radar, temperature charts, tides, marine forecasts and more. As always, I encourage you to buy the full version if you like the freebie, just to help keep people like these going and encourage more app development.

For the full article download Issue 12 of iMotorhome eMagazine by clicking on the link below.

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