Snow Time Like Xmas!

Snow Time Like Xmas!


They don’t call Christmas the Silly Season for nothing: A search of iTunes for apps with a Christmas theme, for example, reveals 3363 results – and most are, um, rubbish.

Here are a few apps that either give a laugh, perform a vaguely valuable function or are just plain silly. If you’re an Android user you’re on your own with this one as I spent way too much time browsing, downloading and testing useless Apple apps, but I suspect you’ll face  the same issues. Merry Christmas indeed....

The following are all free apps, so think of them as a present to you from your computer! 

Sleeps Lite

How many sleeps to Christmas? Sleeps Lite will tell you – in days, hours, minutes or seconds. For instance, as I write this there are only 1,154,028 seconds until Christmas. Best I get a move on...

Xmas Radio

Stream live Xmas music from 16 dedicated radio stations around the world, via the internet. Tune in to Xmas in Frisko (USA), Radio NOEL (France), Chroma Christmas (Greece) or the romantically named Das Weihnachtsradio (Germany, where else). There’s even North Pole Radio from, well, you know. All-in-all not a bad little app to get you in the Christmas mood. Ho, ho, ho...

Advent 2012

No time and/or place to prop up a real Advent calendar, but just love opening those little squares? Then Advent could be just the ticket – or maybe not. You get a calendar with 25 squares that open to reveal a quick game, plus the option to download a free Christmas app. If you can stand the excitement it could keep you occupied for days. But then again...

Xmas Booth

By far the ‘funnest’ of all of these free apps is Xmas Booth, which lets you take or use an exiting photo and add silly seasonal effects. Fancy your spouse with a carrot nose, bushy eyebrows or antlers? No problem. The best thing is, that on an iPad at least, you select the desired effects and then position, rotate and resize them with intuitive finger movements. You can also save and print, email, text, tweet or Facebook finished images, which would make a great personal Xmas card. Do these antlers make my app look big? 

For the full article download Issue 16 of iMotorhome eMagazine by clicking on the link below.

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