Postcards from Bologna

Postcards from Bologna


Remember when going on holidays meant having to send postcards, too? Depending on your disposition, they were a lot of fun or a pain in the whatsie, but receiving a postcard was always a treat.

Postino is an IPhone/Android/Winphone/Facebook app that is a lot of fun and helps revive the romance of the postcard generations. 

The Postino app is free to download and install, and at its most basic level allows you to send free electronic postcards to anybody with an email address. What make it really fun is that you can buy “stamps” and send a real, live physical postcard to anybody, anywhere in the world.

All postcards allow the photo to be customised, with a small selection of frames, while of course you can add a message and even your signature – which on an electronic screen comes out more like a toddler’s first drawing effort. Either way, you upload the completed postcard via wireless (or your mobile data allowance) and off it goes.

The free electronic postcards are delivered at the speed of email, but the physical cards take a more leisurely route. Allow at least a couple of weeks, maybe more, for them to arrive with friends or family in Australia, as they first have to be physically printed out and posted from Scottsdale Arizone, via Postino HQ in beautiful downtown, Bologna, Italy. Go figure...

Stamps can be bought through the Postino app, via Paypal, with a single one costing $1.99, which drops to $1.49 per stamp if you buy 100 at a time. Packs from 5 upwards are available and offer a sliding scale of discounts the more you buy.  When you consider that the ‘stamp’ covers the card and postage, it’s a pretty good deal.

The physical cards themselves are high quality and gloss finished and can add another dimension of fun and enjoyment to your travels – no matter whether you’re the postcarder or postcardee. Postino: Think of it as memento of your very own Roamin’ Holiday....

For the full article, with photos, download Issue 13 of iMotorhome eMagazine by clicking on the link below.

iMotorhome eMagazine Issue 13 - 03 November 2012 iMotorhome eMagazine Issue 13 - 03 November 2012 (12723 KB)

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