Pie in the Shy

Pie in the Shy


Continuing the pie theme from last issue, Pie in the Sky is something of an institution at Cowan, on Sydney’s Northern outskirts. Nestled between the Old Pacific Highway and a cutting on the F2 Freeway, Pie in the Sky is a favoured meeting place for motorcyclists, cyclists and sports car drivers – and it’s no wonder. 

The Old Pacific Highway, in its day, was a winding and torturous road that linked Sydney to all points north. Today is a rider’s/driver’s dream, with little traffic sporadic policing and a great surface that rises and falls and twists and turns while criss-crossing the freeway; like a playful puppy bounding alongside its master.

According to Wikipedia, “A notable landmark of the Cowan area is the ‘Pie In The Sky’ pie shop located approximately one kilometre north of Cowan on the Pacific Highway. Pie In The Sky featured in the Australian film Lantana, and is a frequent stop for day-trippers and motorcycle/motor-scooter enthusiasts on weekends.” Enough said.

Fame and hype aside, Pie in the Sky is a slightly shabby place in need of a good makeover and some reinvestment of the bonanza the owners must reap every week. Our visit coincided with the review of Suncamper’s new Sapphire (patience, next issue) and for a mid-spring Tuesday morning the place was bubbling along nicely.

You can choose to dine inside; outside under shade-cloth sails or at any of the numerous tables in the terraced open area opposite the front of the building. For motorhomers there is usually ample parking at the southern end, just watch for errantly parked motorcycles when maneuvering at busy times. Also, if you’re arriving from Sydney, the shop is located on a bend in the road and a quick turn-in is recommended!

Pies are what the place is famous for and the Thai Chicken Curry example sampled on the day didn’t disappoint. There were all the usual favourites – steak and kidney, pepper beef and so on – plus other gourmet treats like chicken honey mustard and lamb korma – as well as sausage rolls and pasties. You can even have a Devonshire Tea if the mood takes you, or you just can’t face a pie because you’ve mistimed your visit...

Eating-in entitles you to a plate and a choice of sides at extra cost, but ours was strictly a take-away occasion, consumed in the Sapphire to make sure the dining table worked. It did. Pie in the Sky also make fruit pies, but being good we’ll wait to hear your reports.

All pies are baked on the premises and while delicious, the serving staff on the day was underwhelming particularly the surly young lady with a bad dose of I-don’t-want-to-be-here-itis.

Plan to visit mid week and Pie in the Sky can offer a pleasant and delicious roadside treat that feels a million miles from civilisation (despite the traffic noise from the freeway below). Here’s hoping for a lick of paint, some new outdoor furniture and a course in customer service for those left to hold the fort. I’m hoping that’s on the cards and not just pie in the sky...

Pie in the Sky
1296 Pacific Hwy
Cowan NSW 2081  
Find it Here on Google Maps!

T: (02) 9985 7018
Open 7 days
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday to Sunday 8am-5pm

For the full article, with photos, download Issue 13 of iMotorhome eMagazine by clicking on the link below.

iMotorhome eMagazine Issue 13 - 03 November 2012 iMotorhome eMagazine Issue 13 - 03 November 2012 (12723 KB)

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