Great Australian Bites!

Great Australian Bites!


If you’re a fan of the Aussie meat pie – and if you aren’t you bloody well should be – then this handy free app will direct you to the purveyors of Australia’s most awarded (and hopefully best) pies.

According to its website, “For 23 years the official Great Aussie Meat Pie competition has served to promote and celebrate Australia’s much loved icon: the perfect meat pie. The annual competition, which is held at alternate Fine Food Shows in Melbourne and Sydney, is open to all pie making professionals and attracts thousands of entries from bakers across Australia.” 

“The original and biggest nationally recognised pie competition in Australia, the event is highly regarded by the baking industry and represents the pinnacle of pie making excellence. Winning a medal is the ultimate goal of many pie making professionals and, as a result, the standard of entries is high, with the awards being hotly contested.”

“In 2011 the owners of the competition, the Australian Pie Council, renamed the event by omitting the word “meat” from the title, to reflect the ethnic influences in Australia and to encompass the fast-growing gourmet pie category.”

The competition is now known as the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition and in 2012 it was held in September, in Melbourne at Fine Foods Australia at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. If you’re interested then click here to watch a great little video about it all on YouTube. They take it all very seriously...

Good and Simple...

The app, which is available for Apple and Android devices, is simple and quick to master and opens onto a map of Australia with a bunch of red and green pins representing the winning locations (green are the best of the best!). 

You can then zoom into a desired search area by stretching the map with two fingers and dragging it around until you find the nearest pin to where you are or where you’re heading. Alternatively, you can try the Search function in the top right-hand corner, but it only works if you enter a town name and there happens to be a winner there. So it’s not really useful unless you’re looking for a location you already know – like to get the phone number or address or sumfin.

When you do find a winner you want to visit, just press the red or green pin and up pops its name. Press the arrow at the end of the name and the screen splits in two, with the location’s full details listed in the lower screen and a button that will display turn-by-turn Google Map direction to get you there. The lower screen also displays a list of which pies have won awards (and whether gold, silver or bronze), and in which year.

The Pie App is simple, effective and an entirely worthy excuse to hit the road on a national pie-crawl; all in the name of quality control and the public interest, of course. What are you waiting for?

For the full article download Issue 18 of iMotorhome eMagazine by clicking on the link below.

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