Avida Esperance C7994 SL

Avida Esperance C7994 SL

Published 1 February 2014 |


It’s what’s happening in the bedroom that sets this model apart…

By Malcom Street

One of the disadvantages of being a large RV manufacturer is that if you have a good range of motorhome designs and layouts, we reviewers can only look at so many. A case in point being Avida's Esperance range, in which there are five different layouts available in either C-class (over-cab bed) or B-class (no over-cab bed) designs. Additionally, two other layouts are offered, one with an electric roll-down bed and another that is wheel chair friendly. With the exception of the wheel chair friendly model all the slide-out layouts have exactly the same arrangement for the kitchen and dining areas, but offering differing bathrooms and bedrooms. 

This is why this particular review will be somewhat shorter than usual and really only concentrating on the bedroom area. To read a full review see issue 27 of iMotorhome eMagazine, dated 22 June 2013.

The Vehicle

Like all the Esperance range this one is based on an Iveco 50C17 Daily cab chassis, which comes with a 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine and 6-speed automated manual transmission (AMT). It's a C-class unit and taking over half of the offside wall is the slide-out, while directly behind the cab on the passenger side is the motorhome entry door. One of the stand out features of this particular Esperance, at least on the outside, are the green shades, ranging from emerald to lime, of the external stripes -– which certainly attracts attention. 

Living Inside

Stepping through the entry door reveals quite a simple layout. In the driver's cab both seats swivel and above the driver’s cab the bed can be lifted up out of the way if not required, which does make getting cab access so much easier. 

Opposite the entry door, the slide-out contains both an L-shaped dinette and a 150-litre fridge with microwave above. Two forward-facing passenger seats with seat belts are integrated into the rear of the lounge. Something we didn’t make clear in our last review is that the seat base cushion in front of the window-side passenger can be removed so there's appropriate foot space. 

Along the nearside the kitchen bench and mid-section bathroom take up most of the space. The only thing not in the bathroom is the wash basin, which is set into a vanity cabinet directly on the opposite side. Up to this point the motorhome layout is exactly the same as that featured in our previous review

After Hours

What is different here is that instead of two different length single beds, Avida fits an east-west bed that measures 1.92 m x 1.4 m (6 ft 4 in x 4 ft 7 in) that is butted up against the offside wall. Although it looks like an island bed, it’s not and there isn't much space between the rear wall and the rear side of the bed. 

Most of the reason for this comes in the form of a narrow full-height wardrobe that sits between the bed and the adjacent vanity cabinet and offers both hanging and shelf space. It includes a compartment at pillow level which is a nice alternative to no bedside shelf space and is certainly wider that the cabinet on the other side of the bed. That's the price paid for a not-quite island bed!

In addition to the wardrobe there is more storage in the form of overhead lockers and the under-bed area: The latter being accessed by lifting the bed from the side. In addition, the under-bed area also has external access from the rear offside bin door 

What I Think

In many ways this is a good alternative to another Esperance double bed layout that has a bathroom across the rear. In this case, both occupants of the bed get some form of bedside shelf space and the bathroom is less cramped because of the outside wash basin. However, it’s not quite an island bed. Of course it’s your choice but I quite like this arrangement. 

I'll let you into a little secret here, too. On this particular Esperance layout Australian Motor Homes will include a bullbar, window tinting and two solar panels at no extra charge, but only for the month of February. Look busy!


  • External colour scheme
  • Decent external storage
  • Interior lighting – improved over models of previous years
  • Split bathroom layout
  • Cab access from inside
  • Decent Iveco cab radio


  • Iveco handbrake position
  • Seat power points location
  • Smallish kitchen
  • Rear bed walk around space


Australian Motor Homes

31 Pacific Highway 

Bennetts Green NSW 2290

Ph: (02 4948 0433

Web: www.australianmotorhomes.com.au

Click below to download a PDF of the full test, including specifications, photos and contact details.

Avida Esperance C7994 SL - iMotorhome Roadtest - 2014 Avida Esperance C7994 SL - iMotorhome Roadtest - 2014 (1257 KB)

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