Support Local Businesses

Support Local Businesses | 4 Oct 2016

How to Support Local Businesses on Your Next Adventure

We all feel the pinch from time to time and we certainly have been taught to shop around when it comes to spending money on everything. That includes your next lot of caravanning accessories for your next trip away. When living day-to-day in the big city this certainly applies as big brands price match and the smaller guys often charge a lot more for things. While it is important to look after your own back pocket, this attitude when out in the bush is detrimental to the local people who rely on tourism to sustain their livelihoods. So what can you do to positively impact and support local businesses while on the road? 

Fill up in town

While it will be cheaper for you to fill up at all major cities or towns, you won’t be saving a great deal by shopping based on price. A few cents here and there won’t make too much difference to your account, but it certainly will for the locals if you shop at their fuel stop.

Pub lunch

This one won’t take too much convincing. How can you say no to a $10 parmy and a beer at the local pub? Not only will you get to enjoy great food, the atmosphere will give you a real feel for the town. Chat with the locals and really understand how they do it out there. You will get much more than a pub meal when you take the time to sit inside. You will also remember the experience for a long time and it will likely prompt you to stop at every pub from there and back home again!

Shop for convenience

It’s certainly tempting to stock up every time you come across a Woolworths or Coles. Instead of going without something you’ve run out of, head to the local IGA or convenience store. Locally owned and run, these alternatives to the mega chains mean you’re really impacting the lives of locals. So while it might not be affordable to do your entire grocery shop there, when you do next run out of deodorant, just pop down to the corner store to restock.

Attend local events

Whether it’s a local rodeo or a school fete you should get outside your comfort zone and attend! You’ll have loads of fun and the money you use towards having a great time really helps the families working hard to keep their towns sustainable. While it might be tempting to hold onto those gold coins, if tourists like you don’t chip in the locals might not be able to continue putting on such events. That means in future you and other travellers will miss out on these vibrant and authentic experiences.

While there are many other things you can do to help the economies of the towns you’re passing through, appreciating how vital your role is to their survival is vital. Don’t underestimate it!

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