Smartphone Control for RV Systems

Smartphone Control for RV Systems | 24 Aug 2017

RV Intelligence, a manufacturer of aftermarket products and accessories for recreational vehicles, is selling its JAS30 Remote Control at select RV accessory retailers. The JAS30 is a universal aftermarket remote control for RV jacks, awnings and slides that uses a smart phone as the remote control device.

“We are passionate RVers. Our products originate from our own camping experiences,” said Herb Gingold, co-founder of RV Intelligence. “We needed and wanted products that did not exist, or could only be found on more expensive newer RVs, so we made our own. Now, we are sharing these products with everyone. We hope our products enhance our customer’s camping experience as they do for us, as we plan to continue to bring to market Smart RV products for Smart RVers.”

RV Intelligence was founded in April 2017 and focuses on manufacturing technology products for the aftermarket RV sector. The first product brought to market by RV Intelligence is the JAS30 Remote Control, which is designed and manufactured in the United States, including software and application development.

The JAS30 Remote Control connects easily to the RV’s wiring and adds the ability to control the RV’s jacks, awnings, and slides from the user’s phone rather than from the existing, stationary manual switch, although the switch remains fully functional. In addition, the JAS30 is able to control automated valves, hose reels, winches and any other electrically driven RV accessory. The JAS30 works with all 12 Vdc, up to 30 amps, reversing electric motor systems, and has a 100 foot range.

“The JAS30 Remote Control is affordable, easy to install, and uses smart phone wireless technology (no key fob to lose). Best of all, the JAS30 Remote Controls are universal. If you upgrade your rig, you can take them with you and keep your investment. We think that is pretty smart and hope you agree,” stated Gingold.

The RVIQMOTIONLOCK, patent pending, safety interlock technology prevents features from engaging while the RV is in motion. The JAS30 remote control app, RVIQMOTION, is available for iOS and Android enabled devices, and features a simple pairing and connecting process.

“We utilize the latest technology to offer a level of convenience and features that hasn’t previously been available to RVers of all levels” explains Gingold. “Our goal is to develop useful products, at reasonable prices, that provide modern camping conveniences for everyone.”

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