Diesels Under A Cloud

Diesels Under A Cloud | 10 Aug 2017

Five years ago we’d have laughed if someone said diesel engines are higher-maintenance and more likely to break down than petrols, but that’s the situation today. The latest diesels are high-maintenance and fragile. 

Traditionally, a diesel wagon or ute is the preferred bush-travel machine, offering performance with economy and reliability and, until relatively recently, mechanical simplicity. However, modern diesels must meet tight emissions laws and that requirement has increased complexity and drastically reduced reliability. To meet emissions regulations all current diesels must have variable-geometry or twin turbocharging and intercooling, very high pressure injection – 1600 bar plus – to atomise fuel droplets to almost molecular level, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and several types of exhaust after-treatment devices. Today’s diesels typically are fitted with expensive and fuel-quality-sensitive common-rail fuel injection, closed-circuit crankcase ventilation, EGR, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and, in some cases, catalytic converters that requite diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue) injection. 

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