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A website and FREE magazine dedicated to all-things motorhome...

At iMotorhome our motto is “Because getting there is half the fun." That's because motorhomes are fun – and provide a freedom when travelling that those towing their homes behind them simply can't match.

Focussed on Australia  but with an eye on happenings around the world, iMotorhome is constantly evolving to bring you the information you’re looking for in an informative, easy-to-read and entertaining style.

Our FREE Motorhome Magazine is a unique PDF publication published monthly that allows you to download and read the latest road tests, news, travel stories, technical articles and more where and when it suits you. To receive your free issues simply subscribe on our home page and we'll let you know every time an issue is ready.

iMotorhome is staffed by a small group of motorhome enthusiasts and we value your feedback, letters and ideas. You're welcome to email or call and let us know what you’re looking for, what you’d like to find out more about and what you think we can do to make this whole experience even better.

No matter where you are in your personal motorhome or campervan journey – from total novice to seasoned traveller – we hope you’ll find this website and our FREE iMotorhome Magazine interesting and valuable. Please tell your friends and come back and visit regularly: there’s likely to be something new and interesting every time. Enjoy!

Meet the iMotorhome Team

A magazine is only as good as it's editorial team and iMotorhome is proud to have the most experienced team of RV journalists in Australia today.

Richard Robertson – Publisher and Managing Editor

A longtime RV, motoring and travel writer, Richard is a dedicated motorhome enthusiast who has travelled widely and worked for some of the best know RV magazines in Australia. He also has a passion for lifestyle-enhancing technology, which is why he is the driving force behind iMotorhome and our unique eMagazine. You can contact Richard directly at richard@imotorhome.com.au.

Malcolm Street – Road Test Editor

Unquestionably Australia and New Zealand’s best known RV journalist, Malcolm is a fixture at CMCA rallies and RV shows who is now in his third decade as a specialist RV writer. If it’s available on either side of the Tasman Malcolm has probably driven it, slept in it, knows how it’s made and can tell you how good it is. You can contact Malcolm directly at malcolm@imotorhome.com.au.

Agnes Nielsen – Design & Production

Agnes is an experienced and talented graphic artist with extensive experience across a wide range of disciplines, including travel and advertising. Designing and producing iMotorhome eMagazine since June 2012, Agnes is responsible for much of the behind-the-scenes work that ensures every issue looks great and is easy to read. You can contact Agnes directly at agnes@imotorhome.com.au.


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